Wisconsin Catholic Conference

Catholics in Wisconsin

The Catholic presence in Wisconsin includes:

  • Over 1.4 million Catholics in five dioceses;
  • 722 Catholic parishes;
  • 1,821 priests and deacons;
  • 2,184 religious sisters and brothers;
  • Catholic churches and agencies across the state that spend tens of millions of dollars annually to provide food, clothing, shelter, day care, elder care, adoption services, and pregnancy, family and personal counseling to people of all races and religions;
  • 292 Catholic elementary, middle and high schools annually approximately 58,712 students;
  • Five Catholic publications with a combined regular circulation of over 80,000;
  • Officiating at over 3,587 marriage ceremonies, or over 13% of all marriages performed in Wisconsin every year;
  • Nine Catholic colleges and universities, enrolling over 27,328 students of all ages, races, and religions;
  • Forty Catholic hospitals as well as numerous clinics and long-term care facilities; and
  • Over 600 Catholic cemeteries.