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As Catholics, we are all called to Faithful Citizenship

Faithful Citizenship is the mindful consideration of public policy and important issues through the lens of the Church’s teaching. It is also a “call to action” to become involved with legislative policy, to be a voice for the vulnerable, and to advocate for the dignity of all.

Faithful Citizenship Series

The WCC has prepared two series of resources designed to help Catholics reflect on what it means to be a Faithful Citizen.

These series provide a fundamental review of issues important to the Church and provide guidance for political engagement.

Guidelines for Church Involvement of Electoral Politics

Policies of the Wisconsin bishops that clarify what activities and efforts are appropriate for Church officials and agencies during a political campaign and what activities are prohibited.

Click to Download the Guidelines
Spanish Version

Candidate Questions and Wisconsin Voter Information

A guide on voting in Wisconsin and questions for consideration when researching political candidates.

Click to Download Questions and Voter Information